Let Gaza Live

Audio Memorial
7,208 lost in Gaza
october 7th - October 26th 2023

This is an 11 hour audio recording of all 7,208 names of martyrs in Gaza, as reported in the 212 page report by the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

This memorial is dedicated to all Palestinians killed by state and settler violence since 1948. We understand the Nakba (Catastrophe), the mass expulsion of indigenous Palestinians from their homes in 1948, to be a process rather than a singular event. We bear witness to the pain that Palestinians have been made to carry as part of this ongoing catastrophe. We bear witness to every wound they have treated, every tear they have shed, and every loved one they have buried as a result of the genocidal efforts that have tried (and failed) to eradicate their existence. We stand in awe of Palestinian dedication to freedom and liberation. We stand in solidarity with all those who raise their voices to call for a Free Palestine in our lifetime.In the most recent attacks on Gaza, Israel’s indiscriminate killing of Palestinians has resulted in the death of over 11,300 people—half of whom are children. Our collective of volunteers, artists, voice actors, and podcasters have come together to honor their lives and undertake the solemn task of recording the names of these martyrs. The most recent list released by the Palestinian Ministry of Health is 212 pages with 7,208 names. We invite you to listen to every single one.We hope that this effort might provide a resource for solidarity initiatives such as protests, vigils, marches, art, education, etc.In Arabic, a martyr is called a “shaheed” or a witness. By saying their names, we bear witness to the lives of every single martyr; we mourn the 7,208 worlds unjustly extinguished. By saying their names, we make a promise to free Palestine.

The Report

Access the original report shared by the Palestine Health Ministry, documenting the names, ages, and ID numbers of identified victims.

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The Let Gaza Live Audio Memorial is an anonymous, volunteer effort.
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